Ms The Erotic Review Jan 2016
Many ​men​ have ​sexual needs not being met​ ​

Are you a man that is curious to explore h​is​​​ sexuality yet not comfortable approachi​ng ​a stranger?

If so, perhaps ​i have​ something you might consider, ​I am ​here ​to help you fulfill your wildest-or tamest fantasies.

Many ​men​ have ​sexual needs not being met​ ​,​ but they don’t even know where to begin to find a special “companion”. ​

I am​ not here to waste anyone’s time, ​I'm ​here to show you a good time, easy enough, right? 

Life can be direct and simple and straightforward. So many people want to beat around the bush and not come right out and say what they want. That’s just silly and a waste of time.

If you are wanting the experience of a woman, then rather than actually pursuing a relationship this might be the answer for you. You may try it and decide it’s not for you at all, and you also may try it and decide you should have been going down this path years ago.

I can help answer questions you have in your own mind about something like this and no one in your real life will be any wiser for it.